5 Ways Social Media Has Changed You As A Parent

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You have to agree—you are obsessed with social media. It has changed the way how you get the news, the way you communicate and share content. Social media is like our personal TV and gives us uninterrupted entertainment, but at the same time, it is affecting our parenting as well. Surprised? Have a look at how social media has changed our parent-child relationship:

We don’t enjoy the moment

Your daughter took her first steps! Your son’s first day at school! Let’s take a picture and upload it on Facebook. Social media pauses and diverts our mind. During these moments when we should be celebrating with our partner and child, we are preoccupied thinking whether this is an Instagram or Facebook-worthy content. Instead of laughing, crying (happy tears of course) and enjoying those moments we grab our phones.

not enjoying moment social media

We compare our lives

The truth is that people only share the sugarcoated content or the positive sides of their lives on social media. All of this makes you think that everyone is doing great except me. You start comparing yourself to others. You might feel jealous as well. This mentality can create an unnecessary stress and gradually will take a toll on you.

comparing with others social media

We share too much

Facebook and Instagram have turned parents into oversharers. Most of the parents have a habit of flooding our timelines with photos or updates many times a day. The topic can range from something trivial like eating, travelling to potty training or getting shots. Experts believe that sharing too many details about your child could give your child’s location. This is worrisome as some perpetrators may know where your child is.

sharing photos on social media

We give too much time

Try counting the minutes you’re logged into social media every day. Add all of your minutes for the week. You will be astonished at how much time you spend on social media. You will realize that social media takes up a lot of your time. This time should either be spent alone or with your family. We’re not saying you give up social media, just set time limits.

parent on phone ignoring child social media

We measure our life in likes & loves

You upload a picture of your baby and it gets 80 likes. You post a picture of your pet cat and it gets 100 likes. So, do people think that your cat is cuter than your baby? On the flip side, you post a picture of your child eating pizza and the picture gets 65 likes. But then, you see this one comment from a parent that says they will never allow their young child to eat junk food. Your feelings might be hurt. Social media is a playground for unofficial competition against parents. We gauge our parenting success based on likes, loves, and comments.

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