5 Ways To Protect Your Child During Season Change

protect your child during seasonal change

Does your child fall sick during the season change? How can you protect your child from those nasty bugs and infections? You can follow these simple steps to keep infections at bay and to keep your child as healthy as possible.

Wash hands frequently

A lot of illnesses can be tackled if your little munchkin washes hands regularly. Teach your child to wash hands every time when they enter the house, after using the toilet, before and after dinner. Make them clean their hands with an antiseptic soap/wash and warm water. Inculcate the habit of scrubbing hands for at least 10 seconds during each hand wash.

protect child wash hands

Drink more fluids

When the weather turns cold, our body temperature rises thereby heating up our body. If we don’t drink up, we may experience dehydration, making our body more prone to cold and flu. Ensure that your child is drinking lukewarm water. You may make water tempting by adding lemon, strawberry or orange wedges. Prepare more soups, hot chocolates or herbal concoctions. Having a glass of water during the cold weather can be difficult, so encourage your child to take few sips after every 15-20 minutes.

protect child stay hydrated

Eat immunity-boosting diet

Your little one’s immunity is greatly dependent on the food he or she eats. Therefore, include more immunity-boosting foods such as seasonal fruits, vegetables, and spices. They will not only provide necessary nutrients to keep the body healthy but will also help in warding off infections during the cold weather. Ensure that your kid does not skip a meal, especially breakfast.

protect child eat healthy

Sleep peacefully

Pediatricians say that children who sleep poorly become sick more often. Make sure that your child is getting an ample amount of sleep at night. Put smartphone, tablets or computers away at least 1-2 hours before bedtime as it is a sleep inhibitor. Encourage your child to read a book before sleeping or read to your child.

protect child sleep a lot

Wearing proper clothes

Wearing improper clothes during the cold weather can also cause sickness. Make sure that your little one is dressed in layers according to the temperature. Remove any clothes that are wet. If they are going out, their ears and neck must be covered. Keep in mind that staying warm also prevent illnesses.

protect child wearing sweater

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