5 Karwa Chauth Fasting Tips For New Moms

Karwa Chauth Fasting Tips For New Moms

Are you a new mother? If you have decided to fast during Karwa Chauth then you must be aware that you have to stay without food and water for about 12 hours and will also have a baby to look after. Moreover, if you are a breastfeeding mom, then there are certain concerns about fasting for Karwa Chauth.  Check out these fasting tips for new mommies that will help you fast in a healthy and effortless way.

Have a filling Sargi

Sargi is the meal that you eat before the sunrise. Usually, traditions demand to have milk, dry fruits, and oily food. But if you’re a new mother, make sure that you are eating those foods that will provide the right nutrition, ensures milk supply and helps you pass the day easily. Go for fibre, protein-rich food, and milk products as it will keep you full and active all day. Avoid oily foods as they cause acidity.

Kara chauth sargi

Modify your fast

A majority of working or new mothers modify their Karwa Chauth fasts by including liquids in their fasting regime. Keep in mind that your health is important and if you’re a nursing mother you need to keep yourself hydrated all day long. If you choose to fast this way, drink water, fresh fruit juice and coconut water throughout the day. Anyway, it is your choice. You may choose to fast whichever way you like.

karwa chauth drink water

Don’t put stress on your body

Don’t go around the house doing chores. Do not exert yourself. Do not take up chores that will tire you out easily. If something needs to be done urgently, get some help. Limit the amount of work you do and try to preserve energy as much as you can.

Karwa chauth doing household chores

Take a nap

If you are staying at home, make sure that you take a siesta. Take a nap with your little one as it will help you save your energy. Not only this will help you to pass your time during the Karwa Chauth fast but will also make you feel refreshed after it.

karwa chauth nap relax

Breaking the fast the right way

Try not to break your fast with fried food or sugary food. Break your fast with water or coconut water as it is important to hydrate yourself first. Later, do not stuff yourself with fast food for fried stuff, it is advisable to consume a balanced meal after a day of fasting. Have vegetables, paneer, dal, curd, roti or rice for dinner. You may also eat something mildly sweet for dessert.

Karwa chauth balanced food

Note: Consult your doctor before deciding to fast for Karwa Chauth

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