Electric Lifts

Heavy-Duty Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table
Heavy-Duty Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table – Bishamon®

Sometimes hydraulic pressure components are integrated into the lift to help give it more power in heavy duty applications, but the hydraulic system is powered by an electric motor and controlled by a control unit that allows the operator to adjust the lift to the desired height.

A basic, low-capacity electric lift may be built with no hydraulic components at all. This is more cost-effective, but the obvious downside is that it does not have a high weight bearing capacity like a hydraulic lift.

An electric lift can be built in the form of a lift table with a flat surface that is moved up and down by powered scissor arms that are able to fold and retract to raise and lower the table.

This motion could have a range of a few inches or even up to several feet. Wheels are sometimes fitted to the bottom of a table lift so that it can be moved around a facility.

Electric lift technology is also used in pallet trucks. A pallet truck has low-profile arms that fit underneath a pallet and can then be raised to lift the pallet off the ground and roll it to another space. This lifting is performed by an electric motor that can be activated using buttons on the handle of the pallet truck.

A fork lift also uses electric lifting functions to lift heavy cargo and pallets in industrial warehouses and commercial shipping settings. Part of the fork lift’s power comes from the hydraulic pressure that it generates, but this pressure is created by an electric motor that forces fluid through the hoses whenever the operator move the joystick. To stabilize a load, cables are pulled by an electric motor along a pulley inside the lift mechanism.

An electric lift is an essential tool in shipping & receiving, auto repair, agriculture, aerospace and countless manufacturing industries. Electric lifts allow people to quickly and easily accomplish tasks that would previously have required several people and posed a greater risk of injury when handling heavy objects.

All in all, a strong electric lifts leads to a more efficient workplace.

Electric Lifts Electric lifts are manufactured in many different styles and sizes for a broad range of industrial lifting purposes.