Dock Lifts

Dock Lifts

After all what good is a top of the line production line without the ability to move the product out of the warehouse? Loading docks have a lot of parts involved in order to ensure that delivery and receiving operate smoothly.

One of the biggest obstacles is making sure that the delivery truck is connected to the loading dock properly in order for the transfer of goods.

Now a lot of different parts come into play in this process such as bumpers to protect both the dock and truck from damage, dock seals in order to protect workers from outside elements, a dock lock which prevents the truck from accidentally rolling away.

Disappearing Dock Lift
Disappearing Dock Lift – Advance Lifts, Inc.

A dock light in order to keep everything visible in an often unlit trailer, and even loading dock software that helps workers keep track of everything that is going on in the loading docks. But perhaps the most important part of the loading dock process are dock lifts.

These lifts allow for a platform to be adjusted in order to form a bridge between the truck and the dock which can prevent injury, product damage, and helps speed up the process.

There are two different ways to do this one of them being the dock leveler which is operated through a number of means such as springs, mechanical, or air powered.

Dock lifts on the other hand offer far greater flexibility when it comes to height as they operate much like a scissor lift does in order to reach higher heights.

Dock lifts are perfect for warehouses which might not have loading bays at the perfect height and still need to operate a forklift from the warehouse floor up and into the trailer.

Whatever your application may be it is important to find the right manufacturer who will listen to your application and needs and help you find the best possible dock lift for your specific requirements.

Dock lifts are a great way to add value and efficiency to your process, but only if they fit into your application.

Dock Lifts Dock lifts play an important role in just about every manufacturing company, as the shipping and receiving portion of a warehouse is one of the most vital parts of a manufacturing operations.